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At Ndesks, Your Premier Coworking Space Management Solution

The Ndesks Advantage: Where Features Meet Functionality

Meeting room Bookings

Empower your members with the convenience of contactless booking through our app.

Tours Management

Allow Public to Automatically Book tours in available slots to your space and manage tthem as leads

Support Center Hub

Streamline member support with our robust help desk. Handle issues promptly, optimize ticket management.

Quotations and Deposits

Streamline finances. Manage quotes, deposits effortlessly, and generate invoices instantly.

Community Engagement

Encourage collaboration, boost networking, strengthen coworking community.

Financial Oversight

Take full control of finances. Manage expenses, invoices, and vendor relationships and reports efficiently.

Big Data Services

Dynamically innovate resource-leveling customer service for state of the art customer service.

Business Intelligent

Nanotechnology immersion along the information highway will close the loop on focusing solely

Member and Visitor Tracking

Stay informed about your space. Track member and visitor presence for insights on usage and habits.

Streamlined Billing and Payments

Automate billing. Send invoices, receive payments, track and generate clear reports.

Advantage to grow with us is that we care about your needs.

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Single Location
  • All Core Features
  • upto 50 members
  • support via Email
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Single Location
  • All Core Features
  • Upto 200 Members
  • Access to Integrations
  • Your company branding
  • Support Via Email
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$249 */m
2 Locations
  • All Features in Grow
  • Add More locations*
  • UPTO 500 Members
  • Bookings API
  • Public Access to Request Tours
  • Public Access to Meeting Rooms
  • Support via Email
Try Free for 21 days

Customize with
product add-ons

White Labelled Mobile App

Get Android and Ios Applications for your members
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Additonal 50 members

Add 50 more members to any of the plan
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Additional Locations

Add New location to any of the package with and get 200 more members
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Services add-ons

Customize nDesks to Your Needs
We already have a lot of features to give your coworking space best experience. in case your business have specefic needs other than our system than our Technical Team will build it for you.
Implement Webhooks to you website
Our system provides you API to integrate bookings and tours with your website. In case you need technical expertise to implement on your website. We are here for you.

Start Free with onboarding Specialist

Account Configuration

Setup All your details including banks, Terms and Packages

Location Configurations

Add All your locations and Respective Information

Personalized Assistance

We shall have 1-1 Call with you to help setup at each step


We shall organize training session for Space Owner and Team

See What our customer say

“I’m glad I decided to work with you. You have made a lot easier for me to handle my coworking space by giving technical solutions”

Hassan Saqib

CEO Founder at Pneurs Coworking

More Features

Branded Tour Pages

Branded Tour Pages to add them to your website which matches your space styles.

Multi location Management

Manage your locations from single system and assign Different Teams


We shall provide you open API to integrate with your website or other platforms

Manage Your Teams

Manage team roles, salaries and location from this system


Make announcements to groups or all members in your community

Custom Notification

Admins and your members can work on extensive settings to set up notifications of their choice


What is nDesks and how does it benefit coworking spaces?

nDesks is Management System for Coworking Space and will help you organize your space and Help you analyze members, profits and demand.

How does the onboarding process work for new coworking spaces?

We are offering free onboarding process for limited time to Setup Accounts, Add Locations, Provide assistance and train your staff.

Is there a trial period available for nDesks?

Yes. nDesks is giving your 21 days trial period.

Can nDesks be customized to fit the specific needs of our coworking space?

Yes. nDesks provide full customization option to enterprise users to tailor fit solution as per the needs*

Is there training provided for our staff to use the system effectively?

Yes. Our onboarding specialist shall give you free training to your staff.

Can nDesks help in managing resources like meeting rooms, desks, and other shared spaces efficiently?

Yes. nDesks is designed to help you manage Meeting Rooms, Desks and shared space efficiently. 

What is Coworking Space Management Software?

Coworking space management software is a specialized platform that assists coworking space operators in efficiently overseeing various aspects of their shared workspace. It offers features such as member management, booking and reservations, billing and invoicing automation, access control, event management, communication tools, resource allocation monitoring, analytics, and integration with other business tools. This software streamlines administrative tasks, enhances member experience, and optimizes overall operations within the coworking environment. By providing a centralized solution, it enables operators to manage memberships, spaces, and services seamlessly, fostering a collaborative and well-organized coworking community.

What are the benefits of using coworking space management system?

A coworking space management system streamlines operations for operators and enhances member experience. It automates administrative tasks, simplifies billing and reservations, and fosters a sense of community through integrated communication tools and event management features. The system's analytics provide insights into space utilization and member engagement, aiding decision-making. Access control ensures a secure environment, and integration with other tools simplifies processes.

For operators, this software optimizes resource allocation, reduces costs, and increases revenue through efficient billing. It improves member satisfaction, leading to higher retention rates. The centralized platform facilitates smoother management of memberships, spaces, and services, contributing to a well-organized and collaborative coworking community. In summary, a coworking space management system brings operational efficiency, financial benefits, and community enhancement to coworking spaces.

How does nDesks handle security and data protection?

nDesks prioritizes data protection and privacy, aligning our practices with the GDPR guidelines. Our platform ensures that user data is handled with utmost care and compliance with GDPR regulations. While we currently do not implement multi-factor authentication, our security measures focus on other robust protocols, encryption methods, and regular security audits to safeguard user information. We continually assess and update our security practices to meet evolving standards and provide a secure environment for our users within the framework of GDPR. Transparency and user education remain integral to our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data protection.

What is the cancellation policy? Do I need to add Credit card to start Free Trial?

We provide a complimentary 21-day trial period. If you choose to cancel during this period, there will be no charges. Subsequent cancellations can be initiated after your package expires, with no additional fees incurred.